Bankruptcy Lawyer John J. Macron understands the emotional impact that overwhelms when filing for bankruptcy. As experienced bankruptcy lawyers, we can guide you, the debtor, through the intricacies of the complicated financial and legal aspects of bankruptcy; advise you to the type of bankruptcy which would work to maintain your integrity and dignity (Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13) and help you to proceed with a successful financial life.

If you are being harassed by creditors, are possibly facing a foreclosure on your home, if your salary is being garnished, whether the causes are due to hardships such as a divorce, the passing away of the ‘breadwinner’, loss of employment due to termination by debilitating illness, have overwhelming medical bills, large credit card payments, overdue past due taxes, then experienced representation is what you should seek to obtain relief; to stop foreclosures, repossession of assets, judgments and lawsuits filed against you, liens and IRS levies. Whether filing for bankruptcy as an individual or business in New York City, the Law Office of John J. Macron, Esq. will walk you through the process, making sure all obtainable options are prepared for thoroughly.

Entering bankruptcy requires you to file a Petition and Schedule of Debts and Assets as well as a Statement of Financial Affairs. This paperwork lists all the money you owe and outlines your ENTIRE financial status such as whether you own or rent your home, your salary, any investments you may have, etc.

As loan modification lawyers, the Law Office of John J. Macron, Esq. can help you save your home from foreclosure.

Contact the Law Office of John J. Macron, Esq. to guide you with your bankruptcy options, and help you understand the options available to you. Contact us today at (718) 889-3583.

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