Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Lawyers

If you want to stop foreclosures, wipe out credit card debt, catch up on payments and obligations, owe back child support, you can file for bankruptcy under Chapter 13. Other reasons for filing under Chapter 13:

  • You are behind in mortgage payments and want to keep your home
  • Your debt is in excess of equity of the home (consult with your bankruptcy attorney on the amount of equity)
  • You have assets that are not protected under Chapter 7.

If you have a stable income, under Chapter 13, you can be able to pay back the debt, or portion of the debt, within 5 years.

This is a more complicated process versus Chapter 7. The Law Office of John J. Macron, Esq. is experienced in the legalities and the 'maze' filing for Chapter 13, and will steer you towards a successful financial future.

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